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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I read and read and read all these fabulous blogs.  Some have great crafts, some great writing, and some have both.  I often wonder how these women (all of the blogs I read are written by woman… hummm I wonder why?) find time.  Most of them have beautiful children and handsome hubbies, and homes and etc etc etc but still manage to write awesome blogs and do beautiful and creative crafts. 

oh how oh how I wish that was me…

here, I run around trying to get everything done.  Most days, between my there beautiful children, my husband, my home, and my self, I have list upon list of things to do.  Recently I have started getting serious about my health and weight.  So I have been exercising each morning which seems to have filtered out some of the chaos but still… most days, I have no time to craft.  No time to even cook.  The crock pot has become my new best friend! 

but still… how do I get the blog life? :)

I have yet to make any progress towards that life but I have begun to convince myself that they really don’t have that life… and that it is all just an illusion.  That in realty, they just take great pictures and know how to clean up their houses in a way that makes us see what we see.  I am trying to convince myself of this… it will be a long road I am sure but… we’ll see where this takes me :)

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