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Monday, November 29, 2010


So, I have been wanting to post, I have so much stuff to share, but I don't want to 'vomit' on you and then have nothing to post later.... Soooo I will try to do this in moderation and keep you interested.  
Awhile back, one of the members of Relief Society presidency in Carlisle held a class on coupon-ing.  It has changed my life, literally.  I was always on the look out for a good sale and prided myself on saving money but NEVER did I think I could get quality things for FREE over and over again... and things that my family needed, things that we use every day. So I am going to pass on some of her tips.  It will be fairly difficult to cover everything now so I will break this in to a couple posts.  
Here are some pictures to get you interested!
This was my first adventure at coupon-ing....
16 cans of Ravioli, 15 pads of sticky notes, a shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, towel rack, and deodorant.
Minus the gas and time, EVERYTHING IN THIS PICTURE COST ME $0.90!  No joke.  So it got me hooked!  And I had to try again.  
Huggies jumbo pack of diapers, two packs of pads, 7 Mt. Dew's (for my hubby), and two boxes of hair dye.
This time it was a little more, it cost me $3 and some change.  AHHHH!!!!  The pack of diapers alone is $11.00 (on  So just considering them, I saved $8.00! wow!  So of course I was hooked now... big time... and I haven't stopped :)
You can't see everything in the picture but there is two big boxes of diapers, 4 packages of Tylonal brand icy hot, two packs of Scott's toilet paper, 16 boxers of Playtex tampons, two bottles of Mt. Dew, 10 bottles of Suave lotion, 15 tooth paste, 20 tooth brushes, 20 packs of cookies, 15 mascara's, 15 packs of razors, 20 Aussie shampoo/conditioner, 2 panteen, 2 herbal essence, 4 L'oreal, 20 packs of gum, 20 Johnson and Johnson, 3 desiten, 5 bottles of hair gel (L'Loreal and Aussie) 10 suave deoderant, 20 lotion tins, 4 bottles of Veet, and one fruit cup :) 
$30.00... yes, I said Thirty Dollars!  
11 boxes of hair dye, 8 bottles of shampoo, 2 deodorant, 8 skittles, 5 Mabalene foundation, 5 toothbrushes and 5 toothpastes!!!!  
$11.00 and some change... PLUS I ended up having $20 in reward points for Rite Aid that I used on my next purchase which was......
Six packs of Huggies diapers, two packs of Huggies Pull-ups, 5 bottles of Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner, three boxes of Cottonelle wipes, a bottle of Gain, and an Andies mint
Drum roll please.... $10.00.... TEN BUCKS!!!! YIPPY :)  Again, one pack of diapers cost $11.  
So, in case you didn't figure it out yet....


  1. Okay I'm seriously considering this coupon thing now! I've been resistant to it all for some reason but this is amazing!!